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The services we offer


Reddit Promotion

Choosing this service will get you a reddit post on a popular subreddit with chosen number of upvotes, or you could buy directly no.1 on the mentioned subreddit. 


Special CoinHunt & CoinSniper upvotes offer

Your coin will get upvotes both on CoinHunt and Coinsniper. Choosing this option requires your coin to be listed on these websites.


Telegram Shilling

If you want to spare the time it would take for you to send your project to groups, or you don't have someone you could hire for it, we offer you an exclusive service. We have a team in place that will share your project in all popular Telegram groups, extremely quickly.

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Pinned message in PolyGems Promotion Telegram Group

You will get a promotional message in our official PolyGems Promotion Telegram Group. We guarantee great reach and arrival of new holders.

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Utilizing our services was designed to be easy and cost efficient. Simply contact us on email or telegram, and we'll discuss the price depending on your need. With our customers in mind, we deliver only the best services at best prices. We are here to help you grow.